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FOX News
Apr 24, 2013 1:00pm PDT
? >> more taxes. there are so many hidden taxes in the affordable healthcare bill, which is a strange name, that we all are going to be paying. you know, initially, just the rich. then the semi-rich. then the nonrich. you know, the money has to come from someplace. what happens when the government grows to this size -- this is what the founding fathers warned us against. >> neil: in other words, the more you want, the more you have to pay and they tapped the rich and it's not enough to pay the bills. so how far down the so-called food chain do you see this going? >> obviously it's going to affect everyone eventually. also you have to remember that when you affect one segment of the population, we don't live in isolation, every segment will be affected. so the people who create jobs, if you're hurting them, they're not going to create as many jobs. on and on it goes. it's a continuum. we're all in the same boat. we need to be talking about things that work for everybody in an efficient way. >> neil: a lot of folks want you to run for president. i'm sure you have heard that. do you want
FOX News
Apr 18, 2013 1:00pm PDT
two press conferences, including one about the explosion in tax that killed 16 people and 160 injured. an explosion that governor rick perry described as a nightmare scenario. we'll hear from doctors on the scene, and legal experts on the scene. one behind the investigation, the other behind just how much damage it has caused, and how those injured are faring. to catherine to what people in washington are staying about what's going on in boston or what we might or might not hear out of fbi officials shortly. catherine? >> today we heard from both the secretary of homeland security, janet napolitano, and attorney general eric holder. neither provided details on the case except to say every federal resource available is being given to boston as it is requested. we have new information on the kind of evidence being analyzed. have two tracks of the video and the still images but fox news is told there's a third track having to do with social media. basically a one-mile radius was put of the attack site 24 hours before and 24 hours afterward, and all the social media, facebook, twitter, in
FOX News
Apr 23, 2013 1:00pm PDT
never guess what is cleared for takeoff on the runway. not your plane? your taxes. forget success success. you want off the line? san on the tax form dotted line. you hurt my feelings, todd. i did? when visa signature asked everybody what upgraded experiences really mattered... you suggested luxury car service instd of "strength training with patrick willis." come on todd! flap them chicken wings. [ grunts ] well, i travel a lot and umm... [ male announcer ] at visa signature, every upgradedxperience comes from listening to our cardholders. visa signature. your idea of what a card should be. >>> we're just getting word now the sec is going to look into what happened earlier today in the market. you see that circle up top. a little after 1:00 p.m., what had been a triple digit advance in the dow turn into a triple digit tumble on a later proven false tweet on ap that the president had been injured in a terror attack in the white house. i want to stress the tweet was wrong. the report was wrong, ap said it had nothing to do with it. i is incorrect. the tweet was eropous. nevertheles
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3